How to dockerize Spring Microservice during Maven build?

One can use the Spotify Docker plugin for Maven to build Docker images for your Spring microservice during the Maven build process. Here are the general steps:

  1. Add the Spotify Docker plugin to your Maven project’s pom.xml file:

This configuration sets the image name to myapp with the version set to the Maven project version, and specifies the Dockerfile directory to be src/main/docker. It also includes the compiled JAR file as a resource to be copied into the Docker image.

  1. Create a Dockerfile for your Spring microservice in the src/main/docker directory. Here is an example:

This Dockerfile uses an OpenJDK 11 image as a base, sets the working directory to /app, copies the compiled Spring application (here, myapp.jar) into the container’s /app directory, and specifies the command to run the application.

  1. Build the Docker image during the Maven build process by running:

This command will build the Maven project, package the Spring application as a JAR file, and build a Docker image with the name and version specified in the pom.xml file.

  1. Run the Docker container from the built image using the docker run command, as described in the previous answer.

That’s it! You now have a Dockerized Spring microservice built during the Maven build process. You can repeat these steps for each microservice in your application, and use tools like Docker Compose or Kubernetes to manage the containers.

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